En Dual Innovation estamos convencidos de que todo ser humano puede mantener un estilo de vida saludable. Para lograr este objetivo desarrollamos productos nuevos e innovadores que son fáciles de utilizar, siempre con el objetivo en mente de respaldar y mejorar tu salud.

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Nils Münster-Kistner
Since I'm using the dual bottle its easier for me to track my daily fluid intake - especially when there's no place to where I can fill up a normal bottle.
Maxim Grund
Things I wanted to change this year? Taking care of myself! I carry my DUAL BOTTLE with me all the time to stay hydrated throughout the day!
Auxane Cholley
This Dual Bottle really changed my way of consuming water... I just drinks much more water now that I have it, I literally take it everywhere with me!
Antonio Alvino
Dual Bottle helps me very much and I realize my goals even better and faster, so I can prepare myself before each workout with a perfect mixture for the upcoming training. Keep mes hydrated andhydration is an important aspect of an healthy style!
Sanad Omar
The Dualbottle with its innovative design is an eye catcher, practical and it became part of my daily essentials. It ensures me reaching my daily water intake!
Melanie Weissenegger
The Dual Bottle fits very well into my fit and healthy lifestyle. It keeps me fresh during the day and holds my daily requirement of water. Furthermore I love the ergonomic design and the trendy colors.
Michael Steiner
The Dual Bottle keeps me hydrated during the day and my intensive workouts.That amount of 2,2 Liters is perfect for me - I try to drink it two times per Day and I feel powerfull, strong and healthy with it !I was looking for something like that for a long time!
Matthias Riegler
My personal experience with Dual Bottle is amazing! I'm using it everywhere and everyday. The design is unique and i love the color. The 2.2l is perfect for my workout and i don't have to fill up 3 time like other bottles. I can recommend it only.
Giannis P.
Great shaker for the daily grind. I'm using it at the University, in the gym and just everywhere. The Dual System is easy to use so I don't have to take extra water bottle with me. And the built in pillbox is unique. Helpful and stylish!
Andrea M.
The Dual Shaker fits very well into my lifestyle. I prepare the shake in the morning and have a fresh and clump free shake in the afternoon. Never more without it. It's like tupperware for protein shakes.


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